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One of our star badges involves being safe at home, knowing safety rules for answering the door, the phone, etc. There are other badges that the cubs need to know about safety symbols, etc. I think this would be well appreciated by the cubs and their parents. - KANATA, ON

Good information. Easy to read. - SASKATOON, SK

This is the most comprehensive compilation of safety information for this age group that I have seen. - TORONTO, ON

It is very well laid out and attractive to children. The information you have provided is something that we all try to get across to children, and hope that they learn. This is something that I would be interested in associating my business with. Could someone please contact me? - FALKLAND, BC

I believe that the children in our school could benefit from this information. The format is set up to teach about safety in a fun way. - CHALK RIVER, ON

I think Elementary Safety is wonderful. The illustrations are good and child-friendly. - TWIN FALLS, ID

This has some great ideas and is very useful for parents. - Winnipeg, MB

We were impressed with the Elementary Safety and feel it will be a valuable asset to our safety program. - CARLTON PLACE, ON

I think the content is both entertaining and education and it covers a variety of issues that families should be fully attentive to and ready to prevent. - CALGARY, AB

I am absolutely thrilled with the layout and contents. My daughter has gone through every page and we have discussed most of them. My thanks to you and all your advertisers! - RAYMORE, SK

This covers quite a number of items in the Brownie programme. - Markham, ON

I recently viewed Elementary Safety and I was quite impressed with the content and its value as a teaching tool for children of all ages. - KINGSTON, ON

Thank you for producing such a great resource to help educate our children. - CALGARY, AB

Excellent resource for our family programs! - WILLIAMS LAKE, BC

I found this quite useful and interesting for my son and I introduced it to my colleagues at the office and they found it quite useful as well. It is well-written and the focus is gentle, yet meaningful. - TORONTO, ON

The topics covered really fit into our health curriculum and they are VERY student friendly - easy to understand and high interest for students. - CAMPBELLTON, NB

I've just visited your website and I really like the look... easy to read and understand. GREAT JOB! - KODIAK, AK

This looks like a valuable resource. Thanks! - TIMMONS, ON

It seems like a kid-friendly way of getting across some important safety information. - WINNIPEG, MB

This is an excellent resource and I applaud your work and that of your supporters in bringing this material to children. - PEACE RIVER, AB

This is just excellent info... Thank you so much for being so thorough and well-organized. Super!!! - Tyler, Texas

I was just checking out your app in the App Store. Found it among the new releases. Congrats, looks pretty good! - The Phillipines

I am a CPR, First Aid and Childsafe instructor and do many courses with parents, teachers and caregivers. This was excellently done and there is not any section that we cover that you have not included. - Vancouver, BC

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