Choosing The Best Halloween Costume

It doesn’t happen everyday that you see a witch, a pirate, a dinosaur and a superhero holding hands walking down your street. Unique costumes make each Halloween a memorable experience, and finding the right costume is the key to all the fun on trick-or-treating day.

Different people may have different criteria for their ‘Best Costume’ and most would end up with the costume of a scary character, a superhero or an animal. A protective halloween costume however is THE best costume as it is to protect its owner.

Here are some tips on choosing the ideal Halloween costume

  • Reflective light coloured costume: All or some part of your costume should be light coloured so you can be seen in the dark by drivers. Add a reflective strip at the front and the back of your costume for extra precaution.
  • Right Length: Your costume shouldn’t be too long to avoid the tripping hazard.
  • No Masks: Masks reduce your viewing angle and limited visibility can cause accidents. It is advisable to skip mask and use safe face paints instead.
  • Dress for the weather: If weather is going to be cold or rainy on the Halloween evening, be prepared. You may not be able to wear a jacket on top of your costume, but wear layers underneath. Keep warm.
  • Make an ID: Although younger children should always be accompanied by adults during trick-or-treating, but make or printed ID card with child’s name, address and phone number. Placing this card under the costume may help in case child is lost.
  • Comfortable shoes: You will be doing a lot of walking on Halloween evening, may be more than any other evening of the year. It is essential that your footwear are very comfortable. Avoid oversized or high heeled shoes to prevent tripping or discomfort.

Follow this checklist when buying your Halloween costume this year and find the costume that is best for you.

Happy Halloween!

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